Monday, 17 May 2010

Summer in Denim

Summer in Denim

Everyone love, teenage, adult even grandma ;)
Denim make you look trendy, cool, funky and even make you look younger
Fashion trend for denim never dies..the more faded your denims are the more trendy you will dig up your old jeans or your mom's old jeans and lets prepare to be funky on summer....its coming soon girls ;)
I give you some pictures for faded jeans that look so cool ;)

I love these style

Faded denim shorts

And the famous brand that also have cool jeans / denim collections is GUESS
they have pants, skirts, shorts and also dress in denim

Guess denim dress

Guess denim shorts

Guess denim pants

As you can see many style in denim wear...and you can mix and match your denim with everything depends on the can be casual also can be formal and still look good ;)
Many people like their vintage or tear/rip denim

Enjoy your summer with your jeans everyone

Love fashion
Cinta Hawkins ;)

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