Monday, 17 May 2010

Summer in Denim

Summer in Denim

Everyone love, teenage, adult even grandma ;)
Denim make you look trendy, cool, funky and even make you look younger
Fashion trend for denim never dies..the more faded your denims are the more trendy you will dig up your old jeans or your mom's old jeans and lets prepare to be funky on summer....its coming soon girls ;)
I give you some pictures for faded jeans that look so cool ;)

I love these style

Faded denim shorts

And the famous brand that also have cool jeans / denim collections is GUESS
they have pants, skirts, shorts and also dress in denim

Guess denim dress

Guess denim shorts

Guess denim pants

As you can see many style in denim wear...and you can mix and match your denim with everything depends on the can be casual also can be formal and still look good ;)
Many people like their vintage or tear/rip denim

Enjoy your summer with your jeans everyone

Love fashion
Cinta Hawkins ;)

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Winter season almost over, bye bye chilly days and freezing nights.
Its time to refresh your wardrobe girls...take off your jumper and jacket...start to look up the shorter pants, boy pants, tank tops, sports wear, jump suit or overall..and so on and so on...
Some of the inspires are about army look, denim wear, and sports wear. Like Alexander Wang, Chloe. Some are formal like Burberry and Sir Paul Smith.
Here are some style for the Spring / Summer 2010 girls :

Sir Paul Smith Spring/Summer 2010

Burberry Spring/Summer 2010

Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2010

Chloe Spring/Summer 2010

Alexander Wang with Military and Sports inspired, army green and leather.
The models’ long, messy side braids, exposed cotton skivvies and backless knee socks (sounds weird, looks cool) only enhanced the sporty-sexy vibe.
Chloe with Leather overall and knitt stripe dress, there is a lot more to the Chloe girl's life than just sitting pretty and she's ready for anything.

Denim Wear Spring/Summer 2010

Alexa Chung on Denim Wear Spring/Summer 2010

Denim wear can be consider for the Spring/Summer 2010 pants, jump suit/playsuit, skirts, ripped jeans and torn denim, and patched jeans. Ripped denim make you look sexy and revealing.
So lets dig out our denim collections and be ready for the Spring and Summer. Don't let yourself look out of style.
Enjoy your Spring and Summer girls....!!!!
Bye bye cold....;D

Fashion Lover,

Cinta Hawkins

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Emma Watson and Olsen Twins's Style

Cool teenage style..I am not very good in making nice words, what i wanna say is...
'Being Teenagers are the most fun time in life...and style..'
So come on girls..enjoy your time and have fun...make yourself be the coolest teenagers ever ;D

Teenage Style I Like....Teenage Celebrity Style I like are Emma Watson and Mary Kate - Ashey Olsen's style. I know a lot of people already make story or blog about them...and maybe i am the 100th person that write this..but i dont care cos they are interesed me with their style ;)Emma Watson always know how to look nice even without her magic wand ;)
her style is a sweet kind of style....And for Mary Kate-Ashley Olsen...their style are amazingly funky and cool kind of style.For all of you girls who wanna look can considering of their style ;)

Lets Start with Emma Watson :

Emma Watson Daily and Occasion Style

Emma Watson for Burberry Collections

For you girls who want to look nice but dont want to wear to much accesories and justwant simple clothes, you can consider Emma Watson's style. Simple and natural colour..but you can also combine with bright colour to make you look more fresh ;)

Now we go with the Olsen Twins :

They are rich with style..some are just simple clothes with no accesories but in good way of matching the clothes...and some with accesories that complete the clothes more stylish and cool.

The Olsen Twins on their Daily and Party Style

There you go girls, i hope these can help to improve your style.
Never be afraid to show your style.
Beatiful outside but also have to be beautiful inside...remember that.
So....have fun girls ;)


Cinta Hawkins